Building and maintaining a cohesive leadership team at the top of an athletic department is always a priority. 

The Executive Off-Site is one of the most effective, time-efficient ways to achieve this objective.


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Eliminating the fear of sharing honest opinions, wiping out confusion, building trust, increased levels of communication, unprecedented clarity, and shared responsibility for overall cohesion of the team. All these benefits and more are the result of SLG's Advanced Teamwork for Coaches Workshop. Designed to fit the hectic schedules coaches face, this two day retreat can impact your staff for years to come. 

Continued development can be ensured by SLG's consulting services.


If a team had no coaches to push them, how hard would they work? Would their practices be disciplined? Their off-season workouts? Their off the field choices? 

When players take on greater responsibility for their effort, accountability, and teamwork, coaches can give more attention the game plans, recruiting, teaching skills and using the advanced abilities they have sharpened over the years. It's the difference between driving a Ferrari and pushing a truck up a hill.

Even self-motivated teams can build greater cohesion and stronger leadership with SLG's advanced, proven teamwork models.