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"10 Critical Questions"

for Healthy Teams

Does your team get a passing grade?

Is "good enough" really good enough?

These are NOT yes/no questions.  

 (Answer on a scale): from 1 to 10

ie: 1 = very rarely 5 = sometimes  10 = always



  • Do players trust each other?  (Not just skill set, but personally, vulnerability-based trust as described in the book)


  • Do players trust the coaches?   (Again, as described in book)


  • Do coaches trust each other?  (I’ve worked with tons of staffs - remember coaches tend to be loyal - that is not the same thing as trust)


  • Do players have enough trust with each other to call one another on behaviors that hurt the team? (Not just one or two “bossy” leaders - are the relationships strong among all)


  • Do players hold back with each other?  (“Tell the Truth”)


  • Do assistants engage in healthy conflict with each other – and the HC?


  • Are players willing to go beyond basic requirements of CBA Basic Compliance because they CHOOSE to make team great?  (This must completely volitional and come from them)


  • Do players praise and push each other without fear?


  • Do players hold one another accountable?  (Peer-to-peer)


  • Do players willing make sacrifices for good of the team at their personal expense? 

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