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Can today's athletes make commitments and hold one another accountable? The answer is a resounding YES! In the right environment they are eager to make themselves and each other better. With 25 years of working directly with top professional athletes we can help you develop player leadership that is willing to take on responsibility and develop a healthy culture that will result in more wins. 

Loyalty. Conventional wisdom says that loyalty is the key to cohesion. But a staff has to go far beyond that to meet the difficult challenges teams face. Great trust and the ability to openly give and receive input without tearing each other apart is often lacking. The Sports Leadership Groups method for building these qualities is fast, effective, and NOT touchy-feelly; even the "old salts" will agree. 


Bridging the gap between ownership and coaches, fiscal responsibility and fan expectations, sponsorship demands and rising costs; Sports Executives need a team of their own. To work without ego in a world of ego is your competitive advantage. SLG can help ensure that the team at the top performs like a champion too.

Some believe owners should pay the bills and stay out of the way; others say they should be involved in everything from the draft to PR. In reality, the disciplines of great ownership have a powerful influence over clarity and sustained success through core values, effective communication within the team, and systems that reinforce all you've built. Championships won't come out of thin air, they're a reflection of ownership. We'll help you clarify your unique message and accelerate its implementation. 

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